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Sweden’s First Tex-Mex Restaurant Chain

. . . ”A place you’ll wanna come back to!”

Sure, there’s Paris, and then there’s Rome; but for us, the little American border town of El Paso, Texas is the true “epicenter” of modern cookery!  Our concept is to offer Tex-Mex fast food – under the Taco Bar brand – in restaurants, primarily run as franchises.  The brand comprises three (3) fundamental criteria – our menu, our service, and our unique Taco Bar atmosphere – which our guests always recognize, when they visit one of our restaurants.


Beluga caviar, goose lever, calf sweetbread?  By all means.  But sometimes . . . Nachos, tacos, and enchiladas are simply the best-tasting food in the world!  That’s what WE think, anyway!


Taste – and the raw ingredients we use – has always been key for Taco Bar!  We use only select produce farmers, where we oversee the cultivation process all the way from “plant-to-plate”.  Examples of our hands-on approach: Our own exclusive import channel for our special nacho chips and our own tortillas (made from wheat and corn) from the U.S.  Plus, our own special Taco Bar guacamole comes directly from the Uruapan Michoacán region, in Mexico.


Starting a few years back, you can now even order an ice-cold Corona, a glass of wine, or why not a Frozen Margarita, at a select number of our Taco Bars (please check our listing under Restaurants for the Taco Bar nearest you serving beer and wine).  Taco Bar aims to be the easy-going, reasonably-priced place to meet over good food and good drink – day or night!

A Hearty Tex-Mex Welcome to You All!!